Production & OEM

Coil winding and Resin casting

Singer Instruments & Control have over 40 years’ experience in coil winding.
Our expertise level allows us to help our customers by choosing the correct materials, winding mode, amount of layers and finish processes to fit their requirements.

We wind layer wound coils of diameters ranging from 9 micron  up to 900 microns , including various shapes and coatings. Electrical coils, air-coils made with self-bonding wires, perfect layer wound coils and stator coils.

We can wind on various materials such as ferrite, graphite and Kapton.
In many cases we design and produce our own customized jigs
for unique winding bobbins.

Singer Instruments & control specializes in using medical grade
resins/electrical grade resins in extreme environments and miniaturized applications.



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